Thursday, May 12, 2016

Girl of Myth and Legend: Before vs. After the Read

What I Excepted: With this novel, I am expecting a really cool setting. It maybe a little dark, a little mysterious, but not over the top. The plot will more than likely be similar to other books of this genre, but depending on the quality/style of the writer it might feel a little edgier? (I know, I'm just making this all up. Watch me be completely wrong. Story of my life.) Oh! and Korren, the protagonist's love interest will be ultra tempting, as well as, ultra angsty. One can only dream. 

What I got: The setting was, in fact, very cool. The story starts in the everyday world, then Leonie finds herself traveling to another realm(ish, thingy), and, finally, she arrives in this new dimension that happens to be very unique. The plot was actually was pretty creative, it had undertones of the cheesy storyline, but was mysterious and realistic to the characters, and I wouldn't describe it as "edgy". Finally, while Korren was very handsome, it wasn't the only thing Leonie ever talked about. She respected him as an individual, unlike the rest of her kind, and was curious about him and his past. Also, I wouldn't describe Korren as angsty. I feel like with everything that has happened to him and the way he's been treated he is definitely more guarded, angry, etc., but it's so much more than angst. He has a legitimate reason for acting like he does, and while he does change it isn't flawlessly or fast.  

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